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Looking for a Co Manufacturer for Private label, or Partnership bake house to Produce your product?

Check out this link! I love sharing sources that are publicly available to help your search.

Finding a partnership bake house or food producer can be at times like finding a needle in a haystack. I have worked with several on this list and others. It is the relationship that matters, the people who represent those companies that matter. Finding a new manufacturer you may been to you need to stand out with a project that excites them with the potential for increased growth and larger and repetitive order quantities.

Back grind of the search for a partner to produce your product, I have found the process very similar to the Dating sites to find a partner! It can be frustrating and lots of dead ends. I know, strange comparison. But in reality you look at what they have to offer you, you look at their pictures, their capabilities, their past client recommendations. They are perfect. You write a well written email telling them all about yourself and what your vision for the future is and you hit send, and wait.. and wait.. and no response. If you can only get a response to tell them how perfect you are for each other! Then maybe in about weeks later, a fast and short response that they want to set up a meeting. PHEW. Its the cat and mouse game to find that right partner.. but once you find them.. it is a potential long term relationship opportunity.

It take perseverance and repetitive contacting to get the right fit. If a manufacturing company takes too long to get back to you, they may not want the business. Or they may be so busy they can't handle all the inquiries, and wait for you to send a follow up email, you know to make sure you really are interested.

I always keep the ones who respond immediately and are happy to take a call on that day, on the top of my list. I have my favorites I like to work with, its because of the relationship with people that make the difference. I love connecting people with people and creating the final product. Find the right people to work with is imperative, its all the difference in the world.

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