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What Clients are saying:

November 4 2020

Jennifer is an amazing professional food developer. I have had the privilege of working with her on several food projects over the year (7+ yrs.) at The Prosciutto CO., LLC and at Dancing Deer Baking Company. Jennifer has the ability to do two very important things for CPG food development: Think outside of the box using cutting edge trends, ingredients and dietary and flavor profiles to achieve important first to market selling claims, and understanding how to transition from test kitchen excitement to a smooth commercialization for production. That may sound easy but the formula development (or reverse engineering), nutritional analysis, shelf-life testing and meticulous tracking of reformulations are all critical to a final product that's ready for full production. She can take feedback from all organizational sources and understand how the direction of the product needs to change or be altered. Jennifer can lead a product and company through this important process to achieve success. She is super engaged, conscientious and works with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Most importantly, she is very pleasant to work with! I highly recommend Jennifer for your food development projects.

June 2, 2020

Jennifer is a very clever and intuitive food developer. Her turn around is quick, her experience is wide, and she's very easy and fun to work with. Highly recommend her for the development of all types of food products!

March 27 2020

Jennifer is not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what she does, but she is very good at solving problems I've tried to solve for a long time. She brings years of experience and professional relationships in the food industry to improve your business. She helped me develop new products, figure out my costs, speed up our process, and contact co-packers. I'm looking forward to working with her again. Thanks Jennifer!

January 7 2018

Jennifer developed many popular and delicious bakery items for Delta Air Lines. Jennifer has that unique ability of working from both sides of her brain: the right brain is seen in her creativity and innovation; the left brain is demonstrated in her organizational and analytical skills. Jennifer’s customer service is excellent. She actively listens and incorporates the client’s ideas into fantastic final products because of her technical and creative talents. I highly recommend Jennifer.

January 2 2012

Jennifer exudes passion for her work. She is a creative, hard working professional that is an asset to her company.

Feb 4 2013

Jennifer is a strong leader and an exceptional pastry chef. She works well under pressure and holds high standards.

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