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Reflection of the year the world shut down

I don't write very often, but being the Anniversary date of the Covid shut down in my state I felt it appropriate to reflect on the times. Literally 1 year ago today, there was no more paper towels or bathroom tissue .. anyplace local. Massachusetts shut down. We all were to stay home.. and away from everything we knew. We all have that same story. The streets were quiet and WIFI was active. I wont lie. I was scared and fearful. I was glued to the TV for a good part of the first three weeks ( that was NOT healthy). Media frenzy.. and no one knew anything.. but they still reported ( mostly worse case scenario scary stuff). I followed the rules. I stayed home, I thank God I had worked from home for 2 years prior. I stayed home except to get ingredients, drop off at the post office, or the liquor store ( because the liquor store was essential, when clothing stores were not, go figure).

I managed to not get sick, at all. Makes me think about the "normal" 4 annual colds, or the flu that usually hit. WOW.. I had none of that. The sanitizers and distance from everyone, kept me healthy. Its March of 2021 now.. haven't been sick in 14 months and counting.. not even a sniffle. That is a win. I know so many others that were not as lucky, and at the time sent my thoughts to them. I have chosen to vaccinate when I am able, its a personal choice, but I have elderly people in my life and want to keep them safe.

Life was so uncertain this time last year. Amazing what one year can do. I am so thankful for my ability to be creative. It has saved me from solitude over the past year. When I develop, I tap into this side of me that shows me how to create something. I zone into it.. and the day speeds by. I went weeks... no months.. I don't think I saw anyone I knew in person. The creative side kept me company. My business kept me busy. My suppliers were amazingly supportive. My clients were so passionate to keep moving the needle for the future. It gave hope... it gave a sense of peace even though there didn't appear to be much hope outside the front door.

As most people know, sourcing food had become an issue. Hard to get ingredients, long lead times and now that everyone was home.. they had the time to really focus on the future. The future is healthy food. Food is the one common thing that every human experiences, it unites us all around the world. I am fortunate to work with some of the most amazing people, with amazing passion and amazing ideas. I love that I can be part of their journey. That makes me happy. I thank each one of you..

2021 is going to launch some of the most innovative products. I am excited to be a part of it. If you are reading this and have always wanted a product line, it is possible. I am telling you if that is your dream.. DO IT. Do it today. Because tomorrow you could have already started. Some times we all need encouragement to take that swing, to try something new. It may be scary but I personally have experienced that on the other side if fear is freedom. I was so tired of fear.. I decided to chose fear when it presented itself, and by choosing it... I have discovered freedom.

Find your freedom friends... it took a year of a Pandemic for me to find mine. Please feel free to reach out..

Stay healthy, find your freedom and put love in all you do,


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